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Experience the green goblin lifestyle! All T-shirts, Sweaters and hoodies are made from 100% eco friendly materials.

Our Story

The goblin city True Joy was once famous for its sense of style and known as trendsetter in the fashion world. But one day, a traveling witch came to the town, and her stinky, dirty outfit covered in laces stood out like a sore thumb. Everybody who passed by gave her a disgusted look and covered their nose. There was a fashion columnist named Toksik who described the witch as having the most disgusting sense of fashion in the entire universe. The witch got very angry and put a curse on True Joy City and the whole goblin race, saying that the goblins should forget about fashion and never wear nice clothes. Since that time, all goblins have been known to wear very little clothing, or even no clothing at all!

Our Mission

We are two goblins, Mr. Furusawa and Mika Sad, who want to bring fashion back to all goblins! We'll end the curse of the angry witch and share goblin fashion with the entire world!

Mika Sad

Chief Executive Officer, Creative Director N1, Social Media Specialist, Barbarian

Mr. Furusawa

Chief Technology Officer, Creative Director N7, Toplaner, Rogue


Chief Moral Officer, Senior Manager for Business Ethics and Diversity, Druid